Past events

The Walk of Smiles 2010-

Following on from the success of her first Walk Of Smiles event (raising £10,000 for Martin House Children’s Hospice), which took place in Horsforth in September 2010, when over 250 people turned up on the day to walk with Bethany in a 10k sponsored walk of fun and colour, Bethany has since held four Walk Of Smiles events.

The Walk Of Smiles in Harrogate on 20 May 2012 was an amazing success. Bethany’s first event outside her home town saw over 125 walkers enjoy a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Pine Woods Conservation Area and the Valley Gardens, followed by a fabulous ‘after party’ at The Harrogate Arms with fabulous outside entertainment, BBQ and Falcon Flying Display.

Charity Ball 2012

In 2012 a Charity Ball was held at Headingley Carnegie Stadium and supported by actor Daniel Craig, Ed Sheeran, John Bishop, Alan Titchmarsh, Matthew Lewis, the Kaiser Chiefs and many other celebrities, who all sent signed items for Bethany’s charity auction at the event.

Styles for Smiles 2013

In 2013, Bethany decided that she would like to organise an event which was a little bit more grown up – a fashion show. This was something completely new to her and she therefore needed advice. Bethany telephoned the organisers of Leeds Fashion Show, who kindly invited her down to shadow them at their own event, to meet the designers, the models and the hair and make-up teams. Bethany took the opportunity to ask everyone if they would help her to organise a ‘Styles For Smiles’ Fashion Show and they all agreed. Bethany invited thirty of her friends from Performing Arts school, ScalaKids, to model in the show and their clothing was provided by George at Asda.

Styles For Smiles 2013 took place on 28 February and was amazing! It was hosted by BBC’s Ellie Crisell and Patron to Bethany’s Smile , actor Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter). The footage below was taken kindly by Trinity Vision:

Styles for Smiles 2014

Due to the amazing success of the 2013 event Bethany organised a second ‘Styles For Smiles’ Fashion Show which again took place at Headingley Experience, Headingley Carnegie Stadium on Friday 28 February 2014, once again in conjunction with the prestigious Leeds Fashion Show.

The event was hosted by the fabulous and energetic JoJo - Yorkshire’s own Capital FM Radio Breakfast Show Presenter,
Some amazing designers and fashion houses supported the event including Jo Jo herself, who used Styles For Smiles for the first ever showcase of her own designer clothing range.

Others were Accent Clothing, Chimp, SBC, Dazarockz, Fashion Pony, Jag Kaur, Belles Bejewelled, Nicola Thomson, Kendelle, Bo Carter, Agwein Reid, Zara Mia and Savanna Morrish.

Scalakids again provided the child models for the show with children’s clothing provided by Accent for Kids and also Florence and Fred (who also allowed all the children to keep the outfits they modelled).

Choreographer for the event was renowned Yorkshire theatre show producer, director and choreographer, Louise Denison – well known for her work with LAOS, Harrogate Players and Wakefield Theatre.

For both Styles For Smiles events, a team of stylists from award winning Leeds hair salon Cutting Room Creative took care of all the models and dancers hair looks for the evening and Make Up artist Pamela Clare and her team took care of all the make-up. ITV Provision kindly provided the lighting for the catwalk for Bethany to enhance her vision of creating a fabulous Carnival theme with an abundance of colour throughout the show.

May’ke Campaign 2014-

In 2014, Bethany decided that she would like to create something which would bring people together at a particular time of year to fundraise for Bethany’s Smile. After much thought she came up with the idea of ‘May’ke’. She now asks people to come together during the month of May to ‘May’ke A Difference’, ‘May’ke It Happen’, May’ke Them Smile’, May’ke It Easier’, ‘May’ke A Cottage!’.

To celebrate her first year of May’ke, Bethany organised a celebration in Millenium Square in Leeds on 31 May 2014. Awards were given to people who supported Bethany’s Smile and there was also a singing competition called ‘May’ke – The Voice Of Yorkshire’. The day was hosted by TV’s Matthew Bose and BBC’s Ellie Crisell and also supported by Bethany’s Smile Patron, Verity Rushworth and ITV’s Christine Talbot.